Boss Lady

Jeri runs the joint and has more experience than you can shake a stick at! We love her! She rocks! literally.

Jeri Rocks!!
Big Jer, Jeri and Lyle Tuttle
Not really the wedding day!
Jeri, Ed Hardy and BFF Debbra MacDonald!
The most amazing Kristin, Jeri, Dale Watson and SweetPea
Jeri & Jason at Mac Woods Dune Rides
Miss Maddie and Jeri showing off Lake Michigan
Feet are 92 feet in the air at Little Sable Lighthouse--EEK!!!!!
Jeri & Miss Kim Manning (P-Funk)
All-Night funeral dance party with Denise!
Polly and Debbra from our sister salon in Door County-Details!

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Saturday - 10 to 2
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